Kathe Izzo (United States)

The Musical theatre of Love

Great Eastern Hotel, Friday 26 – Monday 29 May 2006, 12.00 – 18.00 or by appointment

Izzo, known as ‘The Love Artist’, presented The Musical Theatre of Love as an extension of previous ‘True Love’ activities. It was devised specially for Wild Gift. Izzo installed herself in a bedroom at the Great Eastern Hotel. Appointments could be made to meet her. She added to her repertoire of ‘love’ with song and dance. Each of these intimate performances normally lasted about an hour.

Izzo decorated the room props of her own, and had champagne, chocolates and candles to go with a repertoire of songs performed with the accompaniment of a guitarist friend Slink Moss. While spending time with Kathe, champagne was drunk, chocolates eaten – and one was able to choose a song from a menu. The songs were about love, and sung intensely in the direction of the (usually) solitary audience member. Kathe tells us that the quality of her singing voice is not important: it is all about her intention.

Izzo is theatrical, but she believes in the genuine emotion in her gestures, actions and behaviour: she bases the True Love Project on the principle of ‘direct energetic transmission from artist to audience through the medium of love as art’. By spending time together, all parties, artist and audience are, she believes, ‘immediately and irrevocably transformed.’


Thanks to
Slink Moss
Barry Priest and queerupnorth